May 9, 2021

She survived an abortion

Ted Harvey, the assistant minority leader in the Colorado House, was able to be used by God to deflate, to some extent, a celebration for Planned Parenthood. He was told that May 8th, the end of the session for the Colorado House, would include a resolution to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Not knowing what to do, he went home and then to a Pro-Life dinnery where Gianna Jessen sang and gave her testimony. She was a saline abortion survivor, but has cerebral palsy because of the procedure. Harvey had an idea. He asked to bring Gianna to the session and have her sing the National Anthem at the beginning and to speak on the topic of cerebral palsy.

He introduced her to various people, and had her sing the anthem. She sang it, but forgot some words, and was aided by the full house. Waiting for the appropriate moment, Harvey started the introductions and when he started to talk about how she was an abortion survivor he was cut off to a stunned audience. What an amazing display at just the right time.

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