April 22, 2021

Do Americans Still Understand the Meaning of Honor?


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Honor is something that seems to be passing away from our culture as quickly as the latest fashion trends.  In years gone by, someone could be seen doing something for a ladies honor, or for the honor of country.  Honor meant something– it meant doing the right thing and holding in a place of esteem.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article focusing on America’s honor, but the problem goes much further and deeper than honoring our country.  Sure, there was a big hoopla a little while ago as the Republicans tried once again to force people to honor the flag through a constitutional amendment, but we don’t live in a time of honor as much any more.

It only takes a quick look around and a few illustrations to understand exactly what has happened to honor.  Take, for instance, the relationship of women and men.  In days gone by, women were treated as an honored vessel.  They dressed the part, with feminine lace and were wonders to behold.  They expected men to be gentleman, to win their hearts, and then to treat them like queens as they endeavored to birth and rear children that would, in turn, honor their parents.  Women protected their form.

Now we have MySpace.com, camgirls, and girls that have no problem changing clothes in the middle of the street.  Women talk like men, work like men, and drink like men.  There’s no honor bestowed on them– they want to be equals.  There’s no mystery about their form, because they will trade displaying their flesh, not for money, but for comments and hits on a blog.  Girls have cheapened themselves to the point that they are not worthy of the pedestal– and then wonder why they are not put there.  They more willingly will give away a kiss or their virginity, and then wonder why their relationships don’t last, or that when the going gets tough, the men leave.

Women aren’t the only place where honor has been left at the door– the worst is probably the honor that we need to show toward God.  It used to be that even those that didn’t necessarily believe in God gave Him reverence.  Even the unchurched could expect that swearing an oath to God meant something.  Men removed their hats entering a church building.  A preacher was someone that was held in high regard.  People changed their attitudes when talking to Him and there were a different set of standards.

Now we have people exchanging services for plays and shows.  We have mega churches that preach nothing about sinners in need of repentance, but a God that is an ATM machine or aloof.  The country doesn’t honor God as it removes all references of Him from the public square, proclaiming the triumph of the created over the Creator.

Americans don’t know the meaning of honor anymore because there seems to be nothing left that they believe deserve honor.  Not the President– for he’s a lying, vote-stealer.  Not anyone who would have before deserved it.

My challenge to you is to remember what it means to honor someone, and pay them that honor– be it your parents, your spouse, your country.  For a culture without honor– or with honor misplaced– will soon be destroyed.

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