April 22, 2021

Video Games vs. TV

Mindclearer compares different forms of entertainment in this followup post to the benefits of reading.

Reading: Definitely something we do all the time. I find myself reading less fiction all the time. I think the only fictional book I’ve picked up in a while was the latest book in the Left Behind series. (BTW, I think that the powers that be over there have started just seeing how much money they can make, but they make an interesting story if you know the characters.) I am reading through a commentary on Psalms which I find fascinating not just because of the history of the Psalms but because of the stories taken from real life applications of them. Reading the Bible is definitely a plus.

T.V.: The only time that I end up watching T.V. is if there is a specific show that I’m interested in seeing or someone’s sick and bored of the DVDs that we have. A long time ago we kicked cable to the curb for everything but high-speed internet. Even if a given T.V. show is decent you have to deal with commercials that are either trying to shock you or sell sex. It seems that there are not a lot of decent shows left!

Video Games: Who has time?! If you do, I suggest you help some young family with their kids or get some kind of job or something! 🙂 I’m partly joking– had I the time I might play something that tested my mind, but I don’t think I’d play something I had to pay money for.

What are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Video Games vs. TV

  1. I think its more of a matter of what you want to get out of your entertainment. Everyone does it for an escape from reality for a certain moment of time.

    If you prefer using your imagination, a book is a good way to get the story but not the visuals (or exact details as long as you arent reading Hemmingway or similar wordy authors!). If you want the full, and sometimes extravagant, experience watch a movie/tv. And finally, if you want more control over your story, play video games.

    I like books for scifi because I’d like to think I have a pretty healthy imagination. And I certainly prefer movies for over-the-top, high budget films like Lord of the Ring. The problem, of course, being that you cant really tell very long stories through a movie. I start squirming in my seat after about 2.5 hours but I can gradually read a 1000+ page book without a problem. Finally, I like the interactivity and being in control when playing games. If something isnt exactly what I was hoping for, unlike in books or movies, I can go back and do something different. All of these mediums provide interesting experiences and I’d really recommend a good balance of them all.

  2. When I grew up we had no tv, computers etc. We had radio, but tv was taboo in our home, so I read ALL the time. I loved to read. Since I’ve had children, I just don’t have the time to read like I once did. Well other than, “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch. LOL…. or the Bobbsey twins to my children.

    I enjoy good movies as a way to relax. TV we’re still not much into, but like you, I only watch it if there’s a certain show I want to watch. I think video games are a complete waste of time, (as is watching movies I guess) but it’s ok as long as they’re not played for hours upon hours.

    Setting limits and self discipline is the key. Even reading books can get out of hand, as they take longer to read than to watch a movie. I remember staying up til 3 am just to find out what happened in a book I couldn’t put down. The whole house could be demolished around me and I wouldn’t care. (that’s why I had to give up fiction books when I had kids. LOL)

    Balance and moderation in all things. 🙂

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