April 21, 2021

Buffett and Gates

A big deal was made Tuesday about Warren Buffett giving a bunch of money to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. It was mentioned multiple times and lead off the ABC nightly news. They made a big deal about the amount of money that would be available to stop AIDS, etc. There were questions about what other charities would do as the BillMelindaWarren charity would be the biggest.

There weren’t any comments about what kinds of things the charity supported. It turns out that

Gates and Buffett are birds of a feather, having both been long time supporters of population control, giving large sums of money to groups that advocate abortion, contraception and sterilization, usually in the name of stopping AIDS or poverty.

As American Princess goes on to list,

Buffett has funded Planned Parenthood of America, the Population Council, NARAL, and Catholics for Choice, and the Gates Foundation is a primary supporter of International Planned Parenthood, to the tune of millions–$5 million in the past three years alone.

It actually is a time for mourning for the lives that will be lost because of what these men will do and support.

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2 thoughts on “Buffett and Gates

  1. Yep, Warren lives here in Omaha. He funds alot of things locally that support his causes. I am amazed at how he is held up as a hero because he has a lot of money. You have to wonder about a man that is for population control that has 3 kids. How does that work exactly? He’s no hero in my book.

  2. 3 must be enough for him. These men both want very targeted fund raising, and it is their money, I just don’t think that we should be celebrating peopel giving money to population control.

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