April 16, 2021

The Dying Breath of Feminism?

After all of the effort feminism put forth in order to give women a choice about what to do with their lives, they are now appalled to find out that women would choose to stay at home and raise their kids in ever increasing numbers. In fact, I’ve seen women after they’ve had a child stay home longer than the family leave act allows, and I don’t know that I’ve heard many (if any) women say that they liked leaving their child at daycare, or that they weren’t seriously considering leaving their job once a baby was born.

I find it amusing how people ask about what Virtuous Blonde does. The usual question is “does she work?” or “what does she do for a job?” And I’ve been known to respond with: “Yes she works, harder than I do, but at home.” At the hospital the other night she asked, “Is she employed?” To that I had to say, “No.”

But seriously, women that work at home have a greater impact on the next generation because they are imparting their values to the next generation. Those who send their children to daycare end up producing kids with the daycare’s values.

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