January 28, 2021

Media Bias – Inside Edition Style

So, I was watching Inside Edition Monday because of circumstances beyond my control, and I was– I want to say amazed, but pretty much nothing amazes me on T.V. any more– amused.  One of the feature articles (if you could get past the 6 year old cheerleaders, Donald Trump’s house selling, and the celebrity weddings) was this whole long segment about two ladies that were taken off of an airplane in hand cuffs.

So, they featured these two ladies in segments long enough to get your interest, giving them professional sounding titles, and then they add during the segment, “Oh, and by the way, they were miss online Playboy girl of the month for april and january” or something to that effect.  Is that a plug for Playboy right there?

Then came the bias– they display the girls individually talking about the horrors they went through because they were sexy or whatever.  The only response came from the anchors or the man at the airport.  Knowing what kind of piece it was going to be, I wouldn’t blame the actual officers or police department from avoiding this like a hot potato.

So, the piece was totally biased against the officers doing their duty, and every accusation that was read by an annoucer got the girls air time to not only show off their stuff but to verbally deny it.  This was in no way balanced, and reminds me again why I don’t go to the media for my information.

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3 thoughts on “Media Bias – Inside Edition Style

  1. I quit watching these type of media shows. Like I care about two stupid playboy bunnies.

    Good on the police officers who were not intimidated by their persona, or lack there of.

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