May 8, 2021

Tuesday Data Dump

Jill Stanek

The pro-aborts’ paradox

Jill Stanek suggests that the biggest problem that pro-abortionists will have revolves around when a pregnancy is terminated. The problem is that pro-abortionists define pregnancy as when the baby is in the uterus– not getting there (which is how they can say that it’s not an abortion because there is no pregnancy) and yet want an abortion that delivers the baby out of the uterus allowed. The problem is location and inconsistancy– you’ll get the entire picture in her article.

No more navel gazing in church, priest says

A priest in Rome got tired of having young ladies baring their midriff in church and made this great statement: “God knew what your navel looked like even before you were born, so there is no need to expose it in church.” This sign is displayed at his church.

Blanco expected to sign strict abortion into law soon

Of course, this law doesn’t go into action until the Supreme Court lets the states decide abortion. ” Under the
measure, doctors found guilty of performing abortions would face up to
10 years in prison and fines of $100,000.” The only exception is to save the life of the mother.

On the Trouble with Amendments

American PrincessThe American Princess discusses Homosexual marriage, and why it may not be in our best interest to pursue our biggest stick right away. There’s a bunch of reasons that they list, but the one that I think needs highlighting is that we need to help enact this through society, not the courts. Change hearts not mandate it. In the end, if we mandate it, it’s possible that it could be repealed.

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