May 16, 2021

A Nice Summer Night

Well, it’s finally beautiful outside. It’s been quite a weekend temperature wise, and it’s finally nice to be outside. It seems this year that we are either way below the normal temperature or way above. The other day on the weather it talked about it being fall!

It’s interesting what you hear going on in the city on your porch. Three and four letter words fly. People are talking about others as they walk down the street. It’s amazing to think of those that have come and gone before you and wonder what life will be like for the next owners of this house after you have left should the Lord tarry.

Last night’s message focused on the inevitable. We had a funeral on Saturday for a lady from the church, and another one’s father had his as well that day. At the same time we had a graduation party for a girl from our church and a graduation ceremony that we attended Friday night. Another church friend’s sister got married.

So many of life’s events that we celebrate with a ceremony all at once. Where are you going with all this? That life is shorter than we think. That those things we think we have a lot of time for we don’t. It’s just caused me to reflect where I am as an adult and what my life’s been about what what will remain should I pass on as well.

Take a moment after you read this to think through where you are, what you are doing, and what you could be doing for the Lord. If necessary, make changes because you don’t want to get to the end and have to answer to Him for a life not lived for Him.

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