April 21, 2021

The Tax Code Doth Drive Me Mad!

American PrincessAmerican Princess reports that progress on the reading of the tax code by a professor has been terminated. He called it quits.

We previously blogged Tax_code_7Tax Prof Jack Bogdanski’s Internal Revenue Code Podcast Project, launched on April 7 with the audacious goal of making the entire Tax Code available via podcast through daily recordings of one section per day. Unfortunately, the project has come up 3,277 Code Sections short:
after thirteen consecutive days of recording, Jack has put the podcasts “on hiatus while the author seeks the guidance of a mental health professional. Check back here for updates as his various medications are adjusted.” In the meantime, you can listen to Jack’s swan song here: a 13 minute, 45 second recording of section 25A.

I find this pretty amusing. If reading it can cause this, I think that our elected officials should have to read it into record! I can’t stop but wonder how we can expect to be in compliance with something that can drive even a learned man insane!

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