April 13, 2021

Running for a Touch Down, Kessler Fumbles at the Goal Line

KesslerA young man had the courage of conviction to say what he believed at his graduation, and then retracted it because he was worried about offending people:

A university honor student who called his fellow seniors “selfish” during a politically charged commencement speech issued an apology for causing offense.Ben Kessler, an academic All-America football player at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., scolded students for using birth control, criticized a recent food fight and backed the Catholic school’s policy of barring unmarried faculty and staff in romantic relationships from rooming together on school trips that include students, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

Some lauded the courage of his convictions, others mocked him during the speech, and some got up and left. He stood firm, and will be remembered.

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