May 10, 2021

Abortion – Now it’s Something Holy?

Jill StanekJill Stanek’s article this week reveals where the lunatic fringe of the abortion industry is going with it’s thought. For them abortion isn’t just a “right”, it’s sacred. This is opposed to most people who at least pay lipservice to say that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” but then complain that it’s getting too rare that women don’t have access to it.

You have to read what the woman pictured below has said to believe it. (You can hmm “Imagine” if you want…)


[Imagine] abortion centers allow each woman to create the chosen abortion experience for herself … From choosing the kind of lighting … to arranging for specific music that she would like to hear, the woman creates the space in which she will experience her abortion. …

[Imagine a] woman’s religious and/or spiritual preferences are not only respected, but are honored, with specially designed [abortion] rooms where a woman might receive spiritual guidance by clergy or a spiritual guide of the woman’s choosing. She may create a ceremony with which to honor this passage, to be performed during the abortion or afterwards with family and friends in attendance. … She may have a circle of women friends take part in the procedure itself – an ancient ritual of fertility, life, death and rebirth. …

[Imagine t]he recovery period can be spent in a softly lit room in quiet meditation. … Group or individual ceremonies may be performed to celebrate the woman’s journey on her chosen path. This is a period of reverence for the timeless and sacred ritual that is abortion.

Huh?! I like Jill’s reply:

“Experience,” “spiritual,” “ceremony,” “passage,” “ancient ritual,” “meditation,” “celebrate,” “sacred.”

These are words to describe abortion? With friends actually helping commit the act?

At which point, Debi – turning on the suction machine, chopping the baby up, collapsing the skull, or piecing the baby back together on the operating room table?

Maybe giving the mother a shot to stop her from hemorrhaging, or reinserting her bowel should it be accidentally removed?

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One thought on “Abortion – Now it’s Something Holy?

  1. Wow. This is a hard-hitting piece. And lest you think this rare or abnormal, I’ve seen it on the abortion clinic blog I occasionally read (I can’t stomach it all the time, but I read it to keep myself “up” on what the other side is saying…).

    She used Koranic teachings to persuade a Muslim woman that it was acceptable and even right to abort an “unwanted fetus”.

    Other abortion clinic counselors wrote in, excited that they had a new “angle” to approach “women of faith” who seem nervous or unsure about having an abortion.

    The sad thing is that most of the abortion counselors have had at least one (if not many, many more than one) abortion, and they seem to not just “counsel” women on their options, but consistently LEAN towards the option of abortion, that it is right and best for nearly EVERY woman in EVERY situation, because (I think) it makes them feel more validated in their own choice(s).

    This article makes me sad. And the fact that women are going to buy into it, and feel more spiritual right in the midst of murdering their own child ABSOLUTELY breaks my heart.


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