April 22, 2021

Father’s Roe v. Wade

This article by Mona Charen is simply fascinating. I’m amazed at the creative minds that would come up with this:

A group called the National Center for Men has filed a lawsuit they are calling “Roe v. Wade for Men.” Here are the facts: A 25-year-old computer programmer named Matt Dubay of Saginaw, Mich., was ordered by a judge to pay $500 per month in child support for a daughter he fathered with his ex-girlfriend. His contention — and that of the National Center for Men — is that this requirement is unconstitutional because it violates the equal protection clause.Dubay does not dispute that he is the child’s father. Rather, he claims that during the course of his relationship with the mother, he was given to understand that she could not become pregnant because of a physical condition. He insists that she knew he did not want to have children with her. The courts, he and his advocates argue, are forcing parenthood upon him in a way that they cannot do to a woman. Here’s the money quote from the NCM website:

“More than three decades ago Roe vs. Wade gave women control of their reproductive lives but nothing in the law changed for men. Women can now have sexual intimacy without sacrificing reproductive choice. Women now have the freedom and security to enjoy lovemaking without the fear of forced procreation. Women now have control of their lives after an unplanned conception. But men are routinely forced to give up control, forced to be financially responsible for choices only women are permitted to make, forced to relinquish reproductive choice as the price of intimacy.”

Of course! Why didn’t I think of it? Men need to proclaim that they shouldn’t have to hold the bag simply because the woman exercised her choice. I think that this could also be taken one step further. I think that the man should be able to get payments from the woman should she choose to abort and he not get the child since she did emotional damage to him. Maybe some kind of one time payment, since he’s neglected that son or daughter he may have wanted.

Man, how twisted things get when you don’t follow God’s design.

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