April 18, 2021

More of “You’re Not Anonymous”

Thinking she’s anonymous, this “teacher” that was caught with a student allegedly thought that she could violate terms of her probation by going on the internet, and created a MySpace web site. If this is truly her site, it’s another case where people believing that they can be anonymous because of the size of the Internet find that they really are not.

Spiritually, even if this woman did this and got away with it, we know that God knows and we will be held to account: Believers for what we did with His grace, and those without Christ for what they did with their life. This should create a bigger burden for the lost in us!

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3 thoughts on “More of “You’re Not Anonymous”

  1. The nerve of some these teachers. What are they thinking? I look at that woman above and I see a very lovely woman who probably wouldn’t have any trouble at all finding a man to be in her life. Why is she choosing a child? Where is her sense of morality?

  2. Pamela, like Debra Lafave, does not seem to understand her crime, according the therapists. They DO see a crime when a man rapes or harms a child, but their immaturity proves they themselves are not capable of it, as it seems like “love” to them, according to what the experts say.

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