May 9, 2021

I Demand a Reward!

Instead of getting a reward for finding a wallet, the woman found herself arrested.

BERLIN (Reuters) – When a German woman found a wallet containing 1,000 euros ($1,220) she decided it was better to get a reward from the owner than to keep the money — even if that meant resorting to extortion, police said Friday.

“It was a bit stupid. She could just have kept the wallet,” said a spokeswoman for police in the southwestern city of Darmstadt. “But she wanted the finder’s reward — and might have got one anyway. But she opted to extort it instead.”

Police said the 47-year-old found the owner’s phone number in the wallet and told the pensioner she could only have it back for 100 euros “plus 20 euros travel costs.”

The owner agreed to the terms, and tipped off police, who arrested the woman with the wallet at the handover point.

Here this woman must have expected that she would get a reward, and therefore try to extort money from the man. She could have kept it. She could have returned it and maybe he would have rewarded her. Now she’s got nothing but trouble.

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One thought on “I Demand a Reward!

  1. Silly silly woman. Had the right thought to begin with then the devil on her shoulder told her what she DESERVED so now she’ll get what she Deserves instead.

    I couldn’t come up with a caption to the contest. I’m not creative like that. I do like the ones that are posted though.

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