June 15, 2021

Abortion – What About the Man’s Right to Choose?

In today’s column by Jill Stanek, she covers what a guy goes through who has an abortion. You need to read these if you think that all men don’t care:

This phenomenon was described by aborting father Charles in the article, “Sexual Dysfunction Related to Induced Abortion“:

After the abortion, [girlfriend] Suzy was immediately better. But we were conscious we had killed something, or rather not let something live. We decided it was much more of a moral dilemma than we had realized.. Suddenly I felt emasculated. It was important for me to take the leadership role, and I couldn’t with her. Suddenly I lost all desire for her and became impotent.. Later we broke up for good. The abortion tore at the fabric of our relationship.. With men, I think, there’s a confusion between potency and virility. At least I feel more manly for having made a baby. But I still have the residual feeling of having killed something, a life that was already impinging on mine. I’ve never resolved it.

A 19-year-old didn’t quite understand he was experiencing similar feelings while accompanying his former girlfriend for her abortion, as described by an abortion provider on her blog:

[Raymond] had talked to a relative on his cell phone who agreed with him that he was not ready to be a dad, but it was still a difficult and emotional decision for him …

I said, “Any questions or things you want to say?” “Well,” he stammered, “What, uh, do you, uh, do, uh, with it?” “Good question,” I answered. “We cremate – burn it.” He nodded, and asked, “Well, this is going to sound really crazy, but, uh, could I …” “See it?” I prompted. “Yes, with her permission – if you want to see it, either of you can. In fact if you want to put something in with it – a note, a flower, whatever, you can” …

We wash it off, rinse off any blood or clots and float it in water – that helps to distinguish the placental tissue from the decidual tissue … I showed [the 9-week-old fetus] to Raymond separately, and he was quite agitated and teary, but he kept saying, “Thank you for showing it to me.” We talked a bit about what he could take away from this experience, and I told him he would be a great dad when the time came, and I meant it, he was so open and sweet. He said, “I thought it would be so easy, but it’s not.” Then he said, “Wait a minute. Can you wait for me?” He ran outside and got a flower and put part of it in with the fetus and said, “This part stays with me. I will always keep it.” Then he crossed himself and kissed his fingers goodbye …

Her point is that abortion is effecting men as well as women. They too are being desensitized to the fact that it is a child they are killing, even though they know it deep down. They then respond with getting into more activity to numb the pain. It’s a sad thing that people are trumpeting as “reproductive rights”.

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