April 16, 2021

Abortion isn’t about Sex

 Craige McMillan writes today on the topic of what abortion is. I guess it’s possible that we have gone such a long way that we’ve been fooled about what it is, or don’t take the time to hammer the point home.

To understand the debate over abortion, we have to understand what abortion really is. To do that we have to finish the left’s sentence for them. Abortion is a woman’s right to choose what? Well, it’s not like choosing her hair color, the shoes she wears today, or where she will spend her vacation. Abortion is a woman’s right to choose to kill her unborn infant, because the birth of that child would be an inconvenience to that particular woman.

That’s it, at base. Abortion is the ultimate denial of personal responsibility. And it’s not only women who want to be able to make that decision. What it says is very simple: My life is more important than yours – therefore you have to die.

Who chooses who lives and who dies is at the heart of this matter. A woman cannot choose to kill a child outside the womb, but she can choose to end the life inside…

The left sold abortion to America by depicting the unborn infant as a lump of tissue. The Supreme Court dug deep into their copy of the Constitution and – voila! – a “right to privacy” was “discovered” which permitted elimination of said “lump” by said woman.

In today’s world, ultrasound has put a face on this “lump” of tissue. It looks an awfully lot like a smaller version of what’s bundled up in the hospital maternity ward after mom gives birth. This has created a severe moral dilemma for those with a conscience: Clearly, what is being killed is another human being. Thus we see individual support for abortion trending downward, while its supporters become ever more hardened in their stance and vicious in their attacks.

Keep this in mind as abortion zealots and the Democratic smear machine move into turbo spin – where they begin to consume their own exhaust. The “right” the left seeks to preserve is the right of a woman to kill another human being whose existence has become inconvenient. Abortion isn’t about sex, and it never was. It’s all about “me” – and woe unto you if you get in the way.

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