April 21, 2021

Yet More of What Shouldn’t Surprise You

Singer Britney Spears was one of the best sell...
Singer Britney Spears was one of the best selling female performers of the 2000s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago I wrote about marriage and cohabitation. Someone could ask, why do you think it has become like this. Well, this article has part of the answer.

Young women are leading the way in tearing down sexual taboos in North America, where teenagers are having more sex at a younger age than their parents and grandparents, a new survey showed.

Freewheeling young women in the United States and Canada first have intercourse at the age of 15, partake more in oral sex than previous generations and are far less prudish, according to a landmark new report by researchers at California’s San Diego State University.

Between 1943 and 1999, the age of first intercourse dropped to 15 from 19 for females, while the percentage of sexually active young women rose to 47 percent from just 13 percent in 1943, according to the study that appears in the most recent issue of the Review of General

“Feelings of sexual guilt plummeted, especially among young women. Attitudes toward premarital sex became dramatically more liberal over the same period,” the analysis of 530 studies spanning five decades and involving more than a quarter of a million young people said.

Over the same 56-year period, approval of premarital sex increased from 12 percent to 73 percent among young women, while the figure rose from 40 percent to 79 percent among young men, according to the study.

Obviously, sin continues corrupting, and the need for more and more or a given sin is a given. That’s part of its trap. What provides pleasure one day is ordinary the next. It takes more money, more carnality, more drugs, more of whatever it is to get to the same high.

What we see here is that women, who used to value chastity, relationships and stability are now opting to indulge their lusts to get the same high that promiscuous boys are getting. And why not? They see it in television, they catch it on the internet. They see that if they tease, they show a little skin, or they become exhibitionists online, they believe they have anonymity as well as high ratings. All of a sudden they have lots of hits, they are a popular site, they’re listed in Google– then they have to do something more in order to keep the audience.

Do you see what we are doing, and what we have done? A society that used to look to June Cleaver in order to get a role model for a mother now looks to Britney Spears and company. I mean, even Laura Petrie’s Capris have nothing on the low cut, hip-hugging fashion of today.

Just this morning, there were three middle school girls walking to school in skirts that were three to four inches above the knee. Why!?

You want to know where this world is going, just look at its kids. As the study says, these kids are much more sexual than their parents, and guess what they will be passing on.

The study revealed that the massive cultural revolution that swept North America in the past 30 years had contributed dramatically to the shift as movies and television shows tacked formerly taboo topics such as teenage pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and rape.

“This shift to more liberal sexual attitudes and behaviors, commonly deemed the ‘sexual revolution’, has dramatically altered American culture, especially for women,” the report said.

The Baby Boomers of the 1950s and 1960s began having sex for the first time in college,
while youngster of today are having sex for the first time in high school. “There’s been a major shift there,” Tweng said.

Heaven help those of us that are trying to raise children that are not effected by this.

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3 thoughts on “Yet More of What Shouldn’t Surprise You

  1. Try Middle School. My daughters had 2 pregnant girls in school last year. It is a badge of honor to have a boyfriend at this age group. I’m only 34 and when I was in middle school, it was a big deal if a boy looked at you, and huge if you were asked to a dance. There were few girls that went so far as to have an actual boyfriend at that time. Now the minority is the girl who doesn’t and especially the girl who doesn’t want to.

  2. I look at my two little boys and pray for God’s grace over them.

    We live in a scary world, as I am finding out more and more, especially on my blog.

    We just have to keep praying and teaching our kids about Jesus.

  3. “If Christians, if the church, sincerely believe that marriage, compared with living together, is a superior product, then we must really make an effort to “sell” it to our increasingly secular nation. In a world where more and more people have sincere doubts about whether marriage is really a good idea at all, we need to develop a convincing biblical apologetic for marriage. We need to be in the business of persuading people that marriage is good, from God, and is best. And when we have persuaded them we need to do everything we can to help them build strong, successful marriages.”
    – G. Jenkins, Cohabitation: A Biblical Perspective.

    “As a foundation for family life and raising children, marriage is better than its fast-growing
    alternatives. It is our society’s most important institution for bringing up children, for fostering high parental investment in children, and for helping men and women find a common life of mutual affection, care, and sexual intimacy.”
    – Marriage in America: A Report to the Nation, 1995.

    Source: http://www.cohabiting.org
    Good Reasons NOT to Live Together Unmarried

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