April 12, 2021

More “Brilliant” Criminals

From News of the Weird:

(1) Amir Husain, 17, and Anthony Nauman, 18, who allegedly burglarized a home in Mundelein, Ill., in August, were easily tracked down by police after the pair decided to build a Web site and post photos of their loot for sale, along with their contact information. (2) In the early morning hours of a July day on the Eastern Freeway in Doncaster, Australia, when a driver on a restricted permit was stopped for speeding (at the equivalent of more than 120 mph), he told the officer in apparent seriousness that he didn’t realize the police worked that late. (We’re a “24-hour organization,” said a police spokesman.) [WMAQ-TV (Chicago), 8-16-05] [The Age (Melbourne), 8-1-05]

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