April 19, 2021

Aren’t You Glad These Are Not Your Mom?

From News of the Weird:

Mothers Looking Out for No. 1

  • In July, firefighters in Stamford, Conn., had to break a car window, against the owner’s wishes, to rescue her 23-month-old son, whom she had accidentally locked inside along with the key. The kid had been sweltering for more than 20 minutes when Susan Guita Silverstein, 42 (who was later charged with reckless endangerment), implored firefighters to let her go home and get a spare key so they wouldn’t have to damage her Audi A4. (For infants on an 88-degree day, 20 minutes inside is dangerous, according to the firefighters.) [Stamford Advocate, 7-26-05]
  • In August, the 14-year-old daughter of Alberta Rose of Brookfield, Wis., was found safe in Baytown, Texas, after being allegedly lured there over the Internet by a 37-year-old man. Rose had reported the girl missing 12 days earlier, but had decided, since she and her boyfriend had nonrefundable airline
    tickets, to head out on vacation (to Lake Tahoe), but to leave authorities her cell number, in case the girl turned up. [Stamford Advocate, 7-26-05] [GMToday.com (Greater Milwaukee), 8-26-05]

Obviously, they weren’t as concerned for their children as they were themselves.

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