April 17, 2021

Judges Ducking Making Decisions for Abortion

International Herald Tribune has an article today focusing on judges that are recusing themselves from making decisions for a girl to have an abortion in those states with parental consent laws:

A pregnant teenager went to the grand and imposing county courthouse here early in the summer, saying she wanted an abortion. The circuit court judge refused to hear the case and announced that he would recuse himself from any others like it.

“Taking the life of an innocent human being is contrary to the moral order,” the judge, John McCarroll of Shelby County Circuit Court, wrote in June. “I could not in good conscience make a finding that would allow the minor to proceed with the abortion.”

The teenager was in court because Tennessee, like 18 other states, requires a minor to obtain a parent’s permission before an abortion.

But the state also allows another option. Teenagers can ask a judge for permission to decide for themselves.

Judges, however, are starting to opt out. Other judges of the Shelby Circuit Court have recused themselves like McCarroll, and now, according to one judge, only four of the nine judges on the court hear such abortion applications.

Judges in Alabama and Pennsylvania also have said they will not take such cases.

Good for them. These people that are complaining about these judges not doing this would be on the other side, demanding that they recuse themselves if they were not able to judge against a homosexual. Here we have a life and death issue and a a lifestyle choice.

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