April 21, 2021

Babies Feel Pain

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In today’s article from Jill Stanek, she takes on the whole concept of whether babies feel pain. The point of this discussion is that the more a mother believes the child in her womb feels pain (ie. the doctor asks if she wants anesthesia for the baby, etc), the less likely she is to have an abortion, or so the logic goes.

Well, Jill decides to go back in time a little to before this was discovered to be a wedge type issue, and exposes the current deception for what it is:

My oldest grandson was born at the gestational age of 25 weeks. He weighed two pounds at the time and went down to one pound, 11 ounces. Watching him struggle to live hurt so much. But I couldn’t do what came naturally. We weren’t allowed to stroke him. We were warned his skin was hypersensitive to touch, and caressing him would only distress him and make matters worse.

That was in 2000. A researcher wrote in Neonatal Network that same year of the “well documented” negative physiological changes in premature babies in response to mere “touch and handling” – never mind approaching them with needles and knives – that were “particularly pronounced in the smaller and sicker infants,” identified as those under 28 weeks.

These included changes in blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rhythm and rate – including breathing stoppage – and neuroendocrine responses.

If in 2000 we knew that babies were this sensitive, the logic goes, what has changed? There was a study done stating that anesthesia needed to be used on preemies for surgery because of all of the pain. Basically…

Back then, doctors were committing torture on preemies by performing procedures on them without providing pain relief. That meant abortionists were committing torture on fetuses by drawing and quartering them without providing pain relief.

Almost 20 years later, the medical community has come a long way on the one hand. Doctors now routinely provide compassionate pain relief to neonates and preemies before performing procedures.

On the other hand, this so-called enlightened group demonstrates the darkest depravity and what would be laughable stupidity if the topic weren’t so critical by their increasingly convoluted attempts to rationalize how they can possibly condone abortion.

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