April 20, 2021

Vox Day on Women’s Rights

Like him or not, Vox Day has a point. In today’s article, he makes a point regarding the effect that “women’s rights” has had on our society, especially in the past 30 years. I encourage you to read this article with an open mind and to see his logic, for it would be too easy to emotionally react to what he has to say.Basically, his argument is that with the entrance of women in the workforce and the emphasis placed on “work” rather than being in the home and raising children, women are waiting longer to marry, and are having difficulty being able to afford to raise children.

Here’s some snippets:

Consider the two great laments of the modern American woman. For the unmarried woman, it is the reality that she must marry later in life than ever before, if she is able to marry at all. For the married woman, it is that unlike generations of women before her, she cannot afford to stay home with her children unless she is fortunate enough to have married to a man of the financial elite.

Both of these developments can be traced directly to women’s rights. Men’s increasing unwillingness to marry stems primarily from two causes — the feminized family court system that transformed marriage from a mutually beneficial contract into a financial and emotional liability, and the removal of paternal responsibility for the sexual behavior of young women. Ergo, the need for marriage has been eliminated while its liabilities have increased. As Blue America and de-Christianizing Europe increasingly show, in the absence of religion there is now very little impetus for marriage.

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