June 17, 2021

A Price of the Digital Age

Beautiful FaceWhat is in a beautiful face? That’s the question that some researchers in Germany tried to determine in a study along with the question as to what effect beauty plays on us.

The images on the left are not of actual people– they are computer generated images. Which is actually part of what the study discovered.

In this digital world in which we live, we are constantly subjected to perfect images of people. When’s the last time that you were standing in line for the checkout and saw the “with and without makeup” pictures? Images are being altered all the time to take things out, smooth things up or to make people more beautiful. It gives us a poor image of what people are really like!

We may thus infer that the majority of people have absolutely unreal requirements in their estimations of other people’s physical attractiveness. Everyone will probably agree that they never see such beautiful people in the streets, although there are more than enough gorgeous faces on magazine covers and make-up commercials. People are therefore forced to compare living individuals with digitalized images of handsome men and amazingly beautiful women on television and on the Internet.

Modern people with their standards of beauty run risks of losing the battle with perfect computer images and fall a victim to non-existent perfection. In addition, German scientists concluded that there was a certain stereotype in perceiving a beautiful person. People think that beautiful individuals are talented, creative and sensitive; that they have an ability to exert a positive influence on others. Those, who have not so pretty, or absolutely unpretty faces, are usually perceived as people who cannot boast of such qualities and traits – just an instant visual contact is enough to conclude so. Unattractive people are usually perceived as someone unhappy, malcontent, presumptuous, stupid and exhausted with their own lives.

Social consequences of human appearances are enormous. It is easier for beautiful people to live on this planet. They are usually more successful in their private and professional lives, although it may seem to be absolutely unfair to others. All is not gold that glitters – this is the saying for those, who disagrees.

It is this kind of thing that our wives, girlfriends, daughters and mothers are dealing with– a generation of women trying to compete with digital “perfection”, when in reality these people do not exist. No wonder we have women that are willing to do just about anything surgically or through unhealthy means– they are competing against someone that doesn’t really exist.

Praise those women around you– tell them how much you appreciate them and how beautiful they are!

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