May 9, 2021

What about the Sodomites?

I was reading the other day a recent article on the Roe effect.  It was an opinion journal piece and it was making the case that Roe v. Wade has a negative effect on the Democratic ticket based on the fact that they are exclusively pro-choice in their party stance.  That wasn’t the stat that interested me, though.  There was a stat in there that said that more and more of the next generation are pro-life and are pro-gays (or pro gay marriage, I’d have to look) basically because they had grown up with more gay people that were out.

Many people come to Christians and ask the obvious question– why can’t they just be gay and you accept that.  It’s not effecting you whether they get married.  It’s not effecting you what they do in their

The problem is what the lifestyle is linked to and where it ends.  Nothing taken to its extreme (except maybe complete reliance on God) leads to a positive ends.  For example, my making money is not wrong.  As long as I use legal means, I can make as much as I want.  However, the side effects are that I might be able to spend as much time with my kids.  I can also become proud, envious, jealous, etc.  The saying goes that you are never content and you always need more because “heaven forbid” someone should have more than I.

As for the sin of sodomy, I’ve heard it said multiple times that God is ok with sodomy or that He may have created people that way.  However, there is never a positive link to sodomy.

In the account of Sodom and Gomorrah it’s true that there were many more sins going on there than just Sodomy; however, Sodomy was an outgrowth of those sins just like it is today.

The thing that got me going this evening on it was the fact that Kings in the Old Testament were commended for banishing sodomites.  The fact that the Levitical law said that it was a sin that was to be punished (thou shalt not …) and that it was an abomination did not change.

You cannot take Christ’s words to love one another without taking His words that say that he did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it.  This does not mean we do not love the homosexual, but it does mean that we recognize that his activity is sinful.

Romans goes the farthest saying that those that have given up “natural affections” choosing to pursue the same sex received the punishment in their bodies.

We must warn those that are trapped by this sin of the punishment.  We must desire that they return to the natural use of their bodies, which many have done.  We must speak against making this sin acceptable.  But most of all, we must examine our society’s moral temperature to see what’s at the heart of it that is causing this manifestation.  As in Israel of old, God is giving us signals that judgement is coming– what
are we doing to turn people to God?  A king/President can’t do it. Only individuals turning to God are capable of avoiding judgement.

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2 thoughts on “What about the Sodomites?

  1. You are to be commended for having the courage to write this post. So many people have this whole issue “twisted” and contorted to sound UGLY, and painted the picture to display “hate”…but in actual fact: God loves homosexuals — He does not like the sin!!!

    SIN is SIN.

    One of my biggest frustrations is ‘Christians’ condoning this “abomination.” Since we have to test everything by what the Bible teaches, I’ve often wondered: “What is the logic behind this???!! ”

    Talk about “Mixed Messages!!!?!?!”

    Anyway, thank you for your wonderful post. Also, thanks for visiting…

  2. You know, it actually is wrong to make a lot of money, it’s called GREED and is one of the seven deadly sins. You have no right to tell other people how to live, that is NOT your job. Your job is to take care of yourself, for you to be a good christian, but your not, your too busy focusing on what others are doing wrong while completly overlooking your own issues. It’s time for you to not only mind your own business but to take care of your own business as well. Amen.

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