May 16, 2021

What to do if you’re cancelling a wedding…

I’m sure you have heard about this one, or maybe you haven’t. Katie Hosking of Everett Washington called off her wedding, and threw the reception for the homeless! For some reason she decided to cancel her wedding on June 6, and her parents had already made a down-payment for the reception and had to pay full price:

More than 50 family members and close friends were joined by about 40 homeless people, shelter workers and volunteers. The shelter staff arranged rides to the club.

Instead of a wedding cake, chef Michael Greb produced strawberry shortcake to top off a menu that included baron of beef, salmon, shrimp cocktail, fettuccine and fruit.

I guess that if you’re going to call off a wedding, this is a pretty good use for the food. Makes you wonder if churches should be doing things like this?

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