June 16, 2021

Amazing Story

This is a pretty amazing story. I saw the image on Yahoo! Popular info, and looked around for the man’s story. He’s in the news because he won a lawsuit against a magazine that labeled him one of the ugliest men in America.

Jason Schechterle was in his patrol car answering a call when a taxi cab whose driver was suffering from an epileptic siezure back in 2001. It took most of his face and hands off, and he’s been trying to reclaim his life ever since. He’s had over 30 surgeries, and has just had another child! Talk about someone who exudes the desire to live, though he does not look attractive.

Also this is the testimony of a faithful wife that had her husband as the “third child” for a time being, but hung in there. Check out this story for yourself… you’ll be encouraged, and hopefully remember to be thankful for your everyday life!

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One thought on “Amazing Story

  1. Amazing story MIn. That this guy would endure all those operations and mental anguish of hiding himself so that he doesnt’ frighten others. Takes a strong man and great support from family and friends to do what’s he’s doing.

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