April 21, 2021

Abstinence-Only Education

It’s amazing that WebMD is surprised, but in this latest article on FoxNews’ website, the tone is just that.

Students who participate in one year of “abstinence-only” sex education classes are significantly more likely than those who don’t to take a negative view of teen sex, an interim government report concludes.

The article reads like this comes as a great shock.  It’s not like abstinence has put a big dent in the spread of HIV in Africa or anything.  One can only imagine that if more students get a negative feeling for sex before marriage and want to stay abstinent, that will have an effect– especially if this is a message they hear from gov’t, school and home.

Problem is, I can just see Planned Parenthood going further on the attack because we are potentially
robbing them of cashing in on murdering babies.

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