April 16, 2021

Terri Schaivo’s Autopsy

Michelle Malkin takes a thorough look into the autopsy of Terri Schaivo in a recent post on her blog.  It’s interesting, and yet typical.  It seems that the MSM decided to take what it wanted out of the autopsy, and only that.

According to Malkin, although the MSM said that the corner supported a PVS diagnosis, he just said that conditions were consistent, but since there is no way to tell with a dead victim…

As for the original attack, the MSM claim that it ruled out any kind of foul play was a little off too.  The report said that the event happened too long ago to prove that there was foul play.

Again we see that news coverage is slanted by the presenter and what people think of a given topic.  The scary thing is, without this unprecedented availability to information and alternative media, we’d never know this stuff.  Makes you wonder what else we never knew about back when there was only one source for the news.

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