April 11, 2021

Christians Need to be More Dangerous

English: A cross close to the church in Grense...
English: A cross close to the church in Grense Jakobselv, Norway. Suomi: Risti kirkon lähellä Vuoremijoella, Norjassa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christians need to be more dangerous, and I’m not talking about walking around with loud fashion, carrying weapons, or ingesting substances that make people question whether we are sane. What I am talking about is being dangerous to Satan and the World.

Those first few years when Christianity was just starting out, it was feared. The statement in Acts of the apostles turning the world upside down was a statement in regards to the fact that Christians believed totally the opposite of what “normal” people did, and they were causing problems. The Jewish government, followed by the Romans and on down the line persecuted and killed the Christians because they were “dangerous.”

Why were they dangerous? Because their allegience was not to government or an idol made of hands (something pliable that could have its meaning changed). They were aligned with an objective, unchanging God and His Word. Thus the world, and its increasing desire to sin in “new” ways and then be able to moralize it, could not escape that there was a group of people with concrete beliefs of right and wrong.

We see it today. “Christianity” takes a real beating in public (from the “inside” and out) because of its beliefs of right and wrong. That’s why those on the inside want to change– or reinterpret –its core teachings to mean things it does not. Just look at the Episcopals and homosexuality.

The more we stand on the Word of God and do not compromise, the more dangerous we are. We prove that we cannot be swayed. We prove that we’re not just going to accept the doctrine of a man or group of man in regards to belief in the creation of the world, etc. This is dangerous stuff. When people can control beliefs, they can gather emotions and rule.

True Christianity will always be dangerous in that it stands for a concrete set of right and wrong, and it ministers to those that are the least. Get both of these, and through them God can change a world.

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4 thoughts on “Christians Need to be More Dangerous

  1. Amen, that is right on. I have been thinking alot about this sort of thing lately…. About the new wave of Christianity..”relevant” services. I am a bit shy of that word nowadays. Seems like it is starting to mean WORLDLY! In the world but not OF it, has been dramaitcally redefined. And it is verging on apostacy.

    People seem to forget that the Word IS relevant to all times and cultures. When we are truly focused on HIM alone, then we see the relvance. But if we try to be relevant to the culture we live in, what really happens is we twist the truth to be palatable to sinners, and enemies of God, and what happens when enemies like it? I get the distinct impression that God is disgusted. God’s ways and His Word are always going to be at war with the ways of the world and the ways of sinners. They are enemies!

    Thanks for the post…

    I should write a post on this, now you’ve got me thinking!

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs and other sources talking about “Emergent” movement. Though I don’t know much about this, it seems like it is this way.

    Remember what God thought of Laodecia’s church’s ways. Because they were neither hot nor cold He spewed them out of His mouth.

    Our churches seem to not want to be hot because they scare off the unsaved altogether, but don’t want to be cold because they know that’d be sin, so they accept a median ground that is even more repugnant to the Lord of Glory.

  3. I believe that followers of Christ need to me more ‘dangerous’ by being more vocal. Many are too timid to defend the faith, or even to educate those who are mis-representing the teachings of Christ. Once we find our voice, then we’ll be His voice to an unbelieving world.

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