April 22, 2021

Crazy Friday (Multiple Posts– My Comments on Multiple Articles 4)

Linda Harvey comments today about the effect homosexuals are having in our schools and a the Southern Baptist Convention’s resolution that would encourage a stand against it.  She gives figures and facts about so called “diversity” training and what they are really trying to do to children in public schools.

I don’t think that I can emphasize enough the importance of godly upbringing of our children.  Public  schools preach humanism, and now have gone so far as to be selectively quoting “Christian” sources that support their positions.  They belittle those who have come out from homosexuality dismissing them.  They foster the “fact” that homosexuality is something into which a person is born.

We must remember that children are impressionable.  They will pick up and they implicitly trust adults.  That’s why we have to teach them not to go with strangers.  When I was a child, my kindergarten teacher had me convinced that you counted starting with the number 0.  (Maybe all the retailers that label their product for 19.99 had the same teacher?)  My dad had to straighten me out, but when he tried to say it
started at 1, I told him that he had to be wrong because my teacher said so.

Let these thoughts spur you to be more involved.  Like the article said, if all of the SBC pulled their kids out of schools that considered diversity programs in the like, the school would either die or capitulate.  There is power in numbers for those that use it.

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