June 15, 2021

God’s Mercy Towards Us

One of the most interesting things, to me, in looking at the kings down the line of Judah is God’s mercy to His people.  He told them the consequences of their sin, and yet He allowed them to continue in it for many years before finally bringing judgement.  Here are some others:

  • Manasseh was a wicked king, yet when he was in trouble and called out to God, God saved him.
  • Hezekiah was a great king, but he was told he would die, and he called out to God, and God gave him an extra fifteen years of life.
  • Jehoshaphat was a good king, and he called out to God, and God killed all his enemies without the kingdom having to fight.

I sometimes think it would be easier nowadays if a prophet could just tell us what God wanted to say instead of relying on the Holy Spirit working through His Word.  And yet, whose faith is greater?  Is a king
who hears from a prophet greater than a believer?

How do you react to prayer and the events that follow?  When you pray for healing and are healed, do you go on your own way?  Do you think that “well, I guess I would have just gotten better on my own”?

How do you react when you don’t see events you are praying for come to pass?  Do you believe God doesn’t hear?  Do you check your heart to see if you are in His will?

In what way do you react when something good happens to you?  Is it something that you are due?  Do you recognize that God is blessing?

May the Judean kings serve as a reminder that God is merciful, just and hears our prayers and answers.
May we rely on Him more each day to function, and give Him the glory for what He does.

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