May 8, 2021

Jehosophat and Compromise

Asa - Jehoshaphat - Joram ( )
Asa – Jehoshaphat – Joram ( ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Bible reading has brought us up to Jehosophat. Now, Jehosaphat was a good king when the times were tough. He got rid of some of the idols, restored temple worship, and God won a major victory defeating two much larger armies without Jehosophat even raising a sword. But he also allied himself with the wrong people.

Believing there to be a bond with Israel– since they were also God’s chosen people– he allied with evil king Ahab. It almost cost him his life in one battle, and was ultimately the cause of his downfall.

As Christians, who are you allied with? What venture do you lend your support to? Are the leaders of said group truly glorifying God, or are they serving some other God.

A major group nowadays to beware of joining yourselves with is Promise Keepers. Although the premise behind it may have initially been good, a quick look at some of the pillars of it, and who is praising it requires that we consider how it is being used.

This organization gets praise from Mormons and the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, both of these “cults” have taken up positions of leadership in this organization, and watered down whatever truth was there. These are the kinds of groups that we need to avoid. They have some commonalities with us– they claim to preach the Word, they want focus on men keeping promises, and they claim to share the gospel. Many Christians believe and support this organization.

Just like Israel of old, they were Jews, there were some there that still worshiped the true God, but God stated that Jehosophat should not have aligned himself with them. I would encourage you to be careful which groups you align with– it’s important.

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