April 21, 2021

Clothing, Baby Names, and High Heeled Shoes

Some pretty interesting stuff out there today.

First, from California, Skimpy Clothes Banned; what will students wear?  It appears that some educators are serious about banning clothing that is at least distracting.

Midriff-baring shirts, low-rise pants, pajamas and slippers will all be off limits this fall for thousands of student in Modesto.

“I will probably have to buy all new clothing for next year. It is going to be hard because pretty much all the stores sell lingerie,” Thompson said.

I feel sorry for these kids.  A quick search of JCPenny, Blair, Chadwicks, etc. on the web can find decent clothes.  I’m sure you can find it in the department store versions as well.  The point is, these boys and girls have dressed like streetwalkers for a long time now.  They can’t dress that way in the business environment, and now someone is taking a stand.

Granted, the parents should have been the ones to not let their children leave the house in lingerie or showing their underwear, but someone had to draw the line.  And I wouldn’t fret it too much, Miss Thompson.  If there’s demand for decent clothes, the suppliers will meet it.

Then there’s this one.  A couple has yet to name their 18 month old girl! They’re waiting to find out what the girl is like to give her a name to match.  I don’t know much more I can say about that!

Until they choose a name, they will call the little girl “Baby”.  I guess they could also call her “princess”.  Until they name this girl (which looks weaned in this picture) she will have no birth certificate, no Social Security number, and she cannot be claimed as a dependent on Federal Income Tax– they’re missing out on the $1000 child tax credit!

As you may know, the Capitol and White House were cleared yesterday when this aircraft entered  restricted space.  Peggy Noonan believes that high heels may be done in the Captol. After the evacuation yesterday and the running, people are worried that women might fall– I guess it isn’t too easy to run in heels!

The article is good, though, in that it also discusses maturity and how those that are brave need to support those that are scared.

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