April 16, 2021

Judicial Filibusters, “Heros” and Culture

Well, it looks like the promised showdown in the Senate may finally happen.  After all the posturing from both sides, it appears that Senator Frist may finally make the senators take a stand one way or the other on changing the rules of the Senate to allow an up or down vote on judges that the President has selected.  I know that there’s media gut of information, but in case anyone is really concerned, I’d like to call attention to a few facts:

  • The American Bar Association (tends to lean toward the left) has given each of the nominees a qualified or well qualified rating for the post that the President has nominated them for.
  • The Senate used to have rules in place to “call the previous question” but it was deemed unnecessary since the Senate was civil, and the rule left.  Since the “filibuster” is a procedural technique that that can be used only because the previous question is not there, the change to allow a majority vote is not a new thing in the Senate.

I recently got an e-mail asking me to sign up to express disgust at Pablo Paredes court martial.  by his own statement, the man used his position in the navy as a chance to denegrate the continuing opeartions in Iraq in front of the news media.  He expressed his belief that the war was illegal, and then tried to file for Conscientious Objector status.  He was denied this status, and his motions would be considered in the court martial proceedings.  A couple of points:

  • You can disagree with the war, and not use it for 15 minutes of fame.
  • You can resign from the Navy instead of seeking CO status.
  • Since this “war” has been going on since Sept 11, 2001, when did he enlist, and why did he take so long to state his opinion?
  • Why did he wait until he was deployed before making a statement, and why was his first statement to the press?

It is sad that in today’s interconnected society we have to read/hear about parents killing children, children disappearing, wives running off to New Mexico, and all of this stuff.  I’m not sure, but I think that part of this fast information is making it so that parents have no confidence in letting children out of their sight.  Didn’t these things happen in our parent’s generation?  I don’t know.

One thing I do know.  When we devalue life– killing it in the womb, killing it when it’s inconvenient, etc.– and then glorify perversion– porn actresses writing books, porn on the internet and billboards, homosexuality being mainstream, homosexual marriage, etc.– we are bound to reap what we sow.  It’s no wonder that more children are being targeted:  Enforcement or not, there is more availability to child pornography today than ever before.  There are more ways to get that unholy sexual gratification and craving for more than ever before.

Like I said last week, it’s no wonder that the men of Sodom would not be satisfied by Lot’s daughters, and would pound on the house– their sin had reached a level that they continued to need more and more “exciting” or dangerous things to do.

That being said, God is still stronger than evil, and we hold the message that can turn the world upside down.  What are you doing with it?

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