May 8, 2021

What’s Interesting?

Da Vinci

I know, it seems like I hardly post anything any more! When I had these spells last year, I simply posted a story I wrote, but it’s been a while since I had inspiration or the time to write a short story. Though, I have to admit, there are times that I have had some inspiration.

Then there’s those times where I say “boy, that would make a good topic for the blog,” and then, when I get behind the computer, I promptly forget what I was going to write about.

So, what have I been up to, you ask?

I’m reading through the first prequel to the Left Behind Series entitled “The Rising“. It’s fairly interesting, though hardly as captivating as the original books. The copy I’m reading was a birthday gift from a college buddy, and I’m closing in on half way through (which is quite a feat, I think, since the kids haven’t been sleeping well, and I– well, let’s just say it’s hard to find time to read with everything going on! The book’s basically about the birth of the anti-Christ, which has its weird twists (which I won’t spoil here). Do I think that the anti-Christ will come in this manner– more than anything else in this series, it’s highly doubtful but makes for a good story.

My other good college buddy sent me the complete first season of MacGuyver. It’s hard to believe that this series was on so long ago– I can’t remember if I watched the original episodes or just the reruns. I find I remember the short opening “gambits” more than the actual long show, but I remember them vaguely. It makes them fresher than had I had the set 10 years ago. Nothing like a show where the guy gets out without using guns, they aren’t laden with sex, and most of the show is done with a guy, by himself with duct tape, paperclips and bubble gum and a voice over to let you know what he’s thinking. Needless to say, the wife doesn’t totally get into it as I do (some of it is nostalgia for me), but she humors me.

Other than that, I’m caught up in my Bible reading, which is taking King David out of Jerusalem, headed for parts unknown because his son is chasing him. One thing of note in the reading– when David’s leaving, there’s a man that is a relative of Saul that is calling him names and throwing stones at David’s men. The men want to take care of him, but David says something that more men should be willing to say– God wants him to say these things now, and God will vindicate me if He so chooses. In so many cases, we worry about what men say about us, and take great means to defend ourselves, when we should be willing to just walk on and let God vindicate us.

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3 thoughts on “What’s Interesting?

  1. Good to read you blogging again MIn.

    MacGuyver rocks! Loved that show when it was on. Stopping an acid leak w/chocolate was just the best. No gadgets, just good ol’ creativity.

    If you like modern day thrillers. I’d suggest Ted Dekker’s stuff. In particular, Blink & Thr3e. Pretty good books.

  2. I can remember watching a couple of MacGuyver episodes…in the day… :O)

    My dh is totally into westerns…which put me to sleep. So on a good day, I find myself getting the coffee going, propping my eyelids up with a stick of jerky or whatever else I can find to engage my body so I don’t snooze off! I like Man From Snowy River, but not over and over again! Lol…and don’t get me started on John Wayne…

  3. My friends haven’t gotten me the second season, yet, so I’ve had to move on to other series– but it is a good show. I’m with you on Westerns.

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