April 21, 2021

He Behaved Himself Wisely

Such an interesting statement to be said of a great man– a man after God’s own heart.  I speak, of course, of the man would would become King David.  Who among us could have performed as David did, being in
the King’s house knowing he was anointed to be the next king of Israel.

David had the appropriate respect for the King of Israel.  He would not lay a hand on God’s anointed when given the opportunity.  He thought it was presumptuous to be married to the King’s daughter, being just a
shepherded.  Yet at the same time he had the strength and courage to stand up to Goliath.  No wonder the people loved him.

Christian, in your workplace, or other places where you’re in a position of submission to another, how do you reverence that leader?  Not that they do not make mistakes, but do you behave yourself wisely?

I find that it’s a whole lot easier to critique, comment, and tear down someone in authority over you.  Be it a husband, boss, Pastor, President whomever, they deserve respect– in their presence and out of

It something I need to learn to apply, something that David did and it was a reason that he was so close to God.

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