April 21, 2021

Sickness, Social Security and Another Weekend

Sorry I haven’t been around a bunch. A few weeks ago we had some of the head cold stuff hit the family, and then a more serious thing hit Virtuous Blonde, which had us in and out of the ER the beginning of the week. I am back, however, and everyone’s on the mend.

So, there’s all this debate on Social Security and what to do about it. I don’t know about you, but the idea that I pay in money to a system that I may never get back bothers me. I’m not, as one commentator stated, against helping other people out. I give money to my church, I’ve donated to charitable causes. I’m also under the opinion that it should be the local church that helps the poor and the destitute, not the federal government.

I am also aware that if you did not take the money away from some people, they would spend it all and have nothing to retire on. In our current system, that would put them on welfare, or they would have to keep working. I suppose some would end up depending on their kids to support them. This sounds really scary, but I’m sure this is how it worked when we were more an agricultural society.

I think this all goes to a main problem. We have set up a series of expectations in America, and a certain lifestyle we assume we have to have. We give credit out like it was candy, and the majority of Americans are in debt, with getting out of debt a major industry. (Just watch the infomercials!) We live at or above our means instead of below. I can remember that Clark Howard guy make some statement that if we lived below our means now, we could save and have enough money in retirement, and we’d be used to living with less so it wouldn’t be such a culture shock.

We also, as a group, only pay attention to providing for our family. Many more people are taking their parents in, but the nursing home industry still is strong from money from the parent’s house, etc. rather than the kids raising them.

If our attitude to things does not change, then we are in for quite a shock. There certainly are people who are spending and banking on SS to be there when they retire instead
of saving up themselves. Personally, I’m glad I have money in a 401K. I hope to contribute more in the future. Hopefully, you’ll start saving right away too. Also, save up for that big expense, instead of charging it all.

Anyway, we’re up against another weekend– hopefully there’ll be more posts next week. Until then, take care!

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3 thoughts on “Sickness, Social Security and Another Weekend

  1. hope everyone is feeling better. My family has been hit with the flu bug as well. I agree with you on the ss issue. I will retire approx 2030 if the Lord tarries. I don’t beleive ss will be around then. I’m depending on my 401k and work pension to be my source of income. The system does need to be changed. Hope you have a great day and God bless

  2. Man, I guess something IS going around. My girlfriend is coming down with it and a good friend and his son are just getting over this ‘crud’ going around!

    I’m with Mike, I don’t think that ss will be around when I retire (I’m in my mid 30’s). Personally, I would like to have the opportunity to take charge of it (ss) instead of the government.

  3. The problem with the local church is the same problem I ran into in Fl. When I told the church of a Pastor w/4 kids who did’t have even enough to eat and was told that why we have our conference for, to meet others needs, .When I told them he was just a short distance away. I was told, “Pastor we would like to help BUT…. To which I said “Even Jesus told the church people, Yes you want to help but your butts are to big”! Not nice but sometimes you just have to tell it like it is! God Bless you and you stand for whats right.
    Dennis 😉

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