April 16, 2021

Balaam, Talking Donkeys, and Lives Worth Saving

Kind of a mixed bag today.

Last night’s reading covered the section in Numbers where the king of the Midianites tries to get Balaam to curse the children of Israel.  One wonders what relationship Balaam has with God in that God would bless/curse people through him, and speak to him the way he does.  On first glance, I would think that
Balaam was one of those Gentiles that knew God.  The commentary in my Bible implies that he is not, and so I would have to do some study to come to a decision on that one…

Regardless, it’s nice to see that Balaam cannot curse the Israelites.  In fact, he can only bless them.  However, and this is not obvious in this passage for it is told later on, Balaam does give some advice to the king.  He tells the king to have his people intermarry with the Israelites, for their downfall would be start following after another god, in which case the Lord would attack Israel.

I find this instructive to us in our lives.  Surely, having a good wife was not a bad thing, but when they married wives that were not Israelites, they were taken down a path to destruction.  What things do we have in our lives that may not be bad in and of themselves, but tend to lead us into wrong things?

I find I have to mention Terri Schaivo and her case down in Florida.  Can someone explain to me why her “husband” is seeking to have her tube pulled out?  I mean, there’s a lot of logical problems here:

  • He obviously isn’t concerned about the moral problem of divorce, since he’s living with another woman with whom he has children.
  • He wouldn’t need to be burdened with caring for his wife, since her parents have volunteered to do it.
  • Yet he’s spending a lot of money trying to terminate his wife’s life.

I can only see a few reasons:

  • Somehow he thinks that if he divorces his wife, he won’t get all the settlement money he won when she got into this condition and he pleaded for the money because that would be what it would take to keep her alive!
  • Someone behind the scenes is forcing the issue because they want approval for right to die legislation (something akin to Roe v. Wade, where they found someone so they could try to make a case).
  • This man is a egomaniac who can’t stand that he lost.

None of these seem to make a good case for why this woman’s life (or horrifying death) is hanging in the balance.  I pray that some sense is introduced in that court, and that logic and mercy prevail.

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