May 8, 2021

Jacob, Joseph and Hey Jude

Anyone following Veggie Tales knows the story “The Ballad of Little Joe” if only for the fact that it has the infamous “Boyz in the Sink” singing about the fact that Mr. Lunt doesn’t have a belly button.  The nice part of these stories is that they take a rather complex story, boil it down to a single lesson, and then add some fun into it.  However, nothing substitutes for the real thing.

Last night, in our reading through the Bible, we were in the passage dealing with Joseph revealing himself to his brothers and Jacob coming to Egypt.  Don’t you find it interesting how God and Moses keep changing Jacob’s name back and forth, from Jacob to Israel?

What struck me as something new this time around?  The comment Jacob makes to Pharaoh about his age.  If you’ll notice, Jacob says something to the effect that the years of his pilgrimage are shorter than the years of his father’s pilgrimage.  Jacob was around 130 at the time he made this statement, and didn’t die for another few years.  The point is that he knew that people were not lasting as long.

Also, it was interesting to see the back and forth about Manasseh and Ephriam during the blessing.  That Jacob knew what he was doing, and that this was the second time that God was going to bless the younger over the elder probably didn’t escape Jacob.

Did you notice that Joseph’s wife was a priestess?  How did a person that followed God like Joseph did fit together with a wife that was a priestess for On?  Is that why Joseph (a person whose whole life growing up was full of dreams and disappointment) had a problem with Jacob blessing his younger son– because his faith may have been eroded away a little?

Just some things to think about.

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