May 10, 2021

Another Interesting Thought to Wendy

Wendy responded in a post, and so I will too.  (That, and I’m having trouble leaving a comment over there.)

How about a new point?  If prostitutes choose this line of work– knowing that it is illegal, that they may be roughed up, that the police have such a bad record getting johns, etc, why choose the profession?  Seriously, why choose an illegal profession?  The money?  The fun?  If I had an offer for a job that I had to risk being beaten or killed, I wouldn’t take it.  If decriminalization does what you think– they should wait until that happens, then be a prostitute.  But hey, this exposes that your reasoning is reasoning in a circle…

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7 thoughts on “Another Interesting Thought to Wendy

  1. Jesus did associate with sinners and like he said in the bible it is the “sick” (sinners) who need him not the “healthy”. (Matthew 9:11-12) There is no way Jesus had a relationship with mary magdalene and for people to say this is just silly. There is no way b/c he died to cleanse us from our sins so he had to be sinless to be able to die for us, he had to be perfect and he could not have had a relationship like that and be perfect at the same time. So, I tell you that He was perfect when He died and He still is perfect and that the rumor of a relationship with this woman is completely impossible. I just feel so bad for women who really have been blinded by the idea that they have to do this to make it in this world. In my opinion, women (and men) that do this do not think too highly of themselves deep down inside. I think that they feel empty and want some kind of attention and affection that they have not received and the wonderful thing is if they would just truly turn their lives over to Jesus they would have a forever friend who would take care of them and fill that void. I know this b/c I was at a point in my life to where I did stuff b/c I felt so empty and the day I finally layed all my pride aside and admitted to God that I was a sinner and that I needed Jesus in my life my world completely changed. God bless you so much Wendy. 🙂

  2. Women enter the prostitution industry for a variety of reasons, some because they are looking for a very lucrative and flexible job with a high salary. Others do it for economic reasons since women are generally poorer than men, (women on average earn about .63 cents on every mans dollar). Plus, no matter how talented they are or how hard they work, it seems that women in the general work force sooner or later confront the %u201Cglass ceiling%u201D that keeps them from moving up to the six figure executive position that are held almost exclusively by men. A prostitute can make more in one day then the average waitress or office worker can make in a week.

    Unemployment, poor education, few available jobs, poor hourly wages, not enough access to subsidized daycare and affordable housing are all reasons why women choose prostitution. Women who are homeless, without any help from the government, marginalized because of their race, find that prostitution is the only way out. Young runaways are also resorting to prostitution as a way to survive and are also more likely to be coerced into the profession since there is a high demand for younger and younger girls.

    Prostitution exists because there is a demand. As long as that demand exists it will always be met, regardless of economic and social conditions.

  3. I also wanted to let you know that no one goes into a job expecting to be murdered, otherwise people wouldn’t be so willing to become police officers, taxi drivers, solders, covenience store owners, etc.. all of which are jobs that are more dangerous than prostitution!

  4. Two comments:

    1 I understand that there are many reasons to get into the “profession”. The arguments on salary are someone inflated. The average pay of a woman versus a man includes time off for having children, etc. I highly doubt that there are a number of highly skilled executive wanna-bes that are choosing prostitution instead, though I could be wrong. I understand that there is demand– though there’s also demand for abortion, murder, theft, drugs, etc., all of which are morally wrong. Because there is demand does not mean that such demand should be met.

    As for children being sucked into the porn industry, the news is full of flesh and sex trafficking of children. It’s all over the world. A lot of these girls are lured in, not provided some kind of choice. They are also not permitted a way out. I was just reading the other day of women who end up having to be prostitutes in Mexico since they tried to cross the border and had to sell themselves to do it– and still did not make it to America. This is wrong. A woman should not have to sell her body to make a living– it’s a slam against the male population in a couple of areas– and I pray prostitution is never legalized, that men and churches stand up and take responsibility for caring for these people.

  5. Wendy, arguing from a biblical perspective, of course I’d have to say what you’re proposing is wrong. It seems the argument has gotten a bit convoluted in that it’s leaning about which side benefits society. My question is- which side would God prefer?

    Was it His plan for woman to have such a job? We can argue the benefits, or breakdown thereof, of the role of women through prostitution, but let’s not forget that we shouldn’t be doing this for economic, expedience, or because we’ve given up on reaching that ‘glass ceiling.’ We shouldn’t be doing this because God says we should honor women, not use them.

    We shouldn’t be doing this because God’s design for a relationship, not an event for gratification.

  6. We should also remember that Jesus himself would not have objected to prostitutes and he himself even associated with prostitutes there is EVEN debate on whether or not him and Mary Magdelene dated (she was a known prostitute as well, and isn’t she a saint?). As well, Prostitutes do not sell their bodies, I mean they get to keep them after and during, they sell a service, a sexual service.

  7. Wendy, remember when Jesus said to the adulterer “go and sin no more”? Is that not an objection to what she’s been doing? If you’re arguing Jesus is God and He created man and woman in His image, what does that make God? So again, I ask, which side of the argument do you think the God of the Bible would prefer?

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