April 16, 2021

When to Let the Truth Come Out

This Thanksgiving a debate ensued around the dinner table.  It wasn’t politics, religion, or how much turkey one had eaten, but whether or not DOC was ending for the season or the series.  My parents and I knew it would be series finale, and the grandparents thought it was the season, and that it’d be back next year.  It turns out that my information was correct, but that raises the bigger issue.

As humans were very quick to defend ourselves– either because we believe we’re right or because we’re afraid of ridicule.  How much of this is Christlike, though?

We know that God said that vengeance is His, and yet we are quick to avenge ourselves.  What about the things we know to be fact– should we spend all of our time defending ourselves?

That would seem to be against the humility of Christ and denial of self to follow Him.  Since it is self that causes us to confront, denying myself would cause me not to be concerned about what others think of me.

Now, if the issue is about Christ or others, I can see why you should defend Christ– but even then we must realize that like the show that was talked about at Thanksgiving, the truth will come out.  If you know the truth, and you’re walking in the truth, do not care what men may say to you, but let Christ prove you right.

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