May 20, 2022

Superman and Stem Cells

So, I was watching Inside Edition or something close to that name last night with my wife and they were talking about Christopher Reeve and his death yesterday.  Truly the man and his family proved resolve
stronger than anything seen on the screen.  Who we truly are is reflected in what we are like when placed under pressure.

The part that bothered me was the linkage of him and stem cell research.  Yes, he was an advocate of it.  Yes, I believe he supported embryonic stem cell research, which I do not.  The part that bothered me was Inside Edition’s poll question: “Do you support stem cell research?”  The answer to that question, for me, is yes– just not embryonic!  It’s a misleading question.

There have been some good discoveries using adult stem cells, and that research should continue, but destroying human life for research is as wrong as destroying human life to eat– ie. the cannibals that have recently been in the news.  They don’t see anything wrong in killing another human because they like the taste.  I’m sorry for the grossness of this analogy, but we have become so desensitized to what’s going on with the killing of babies in abortion, and we are constantly asked to look at those in pain rather than the one being killed, that we need to be awakened to what’s going on here in the name of science!

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2 thoughts on “Superman and Stem Cells

  1. I agree with you MIn. Adult stem cell research is more promising and has shown results outside of theory (as embryonic stem cell research). Our mindset has gotten to the point that we do not regard life as life. That is a sad comment on our society.

    But good for you in catching that misleading question!

  2. What has really bothered me is John Edwards’ assertions that Kerry will change everything and that because of Kerry allowing embryonic stem cell research all these people like Reeve will be cured. It’s demogoguery at it’s worst.

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