May 8, 2021

John Kerry and the Lack of Oxygen

I remember back in the good ole days of Sierra computer games that there were a lot of creative software titles as well as creative fake titles in games.  My favorite series was the Space Quest Series which
followed the path of a man who started out as a janitor but ended up the hero every time– Roger Wilco.  Oh for games that simple and fun to play.

John Kerry is having a lot of trouble.  Yesterday, I don’t know how many times Rush Limbaugh said it on his program, but he said that Kerry hit a single erased by Rather’s double play.  Rush’s comments were that Kerry finally has a good speech, but with the announcement coming out of CBS, everything is turned toward that direction with that focus.

Dick Morris states that  [Kerry] is playing a simple game of checkers, while President Bush is playing a subtle game of chess.  Kerry, Morris says, is spending too much time playing to his base, and instead of having a strategist, he has tacticians.  Bush has taken a line on Iraq where Kerry hasn’t figured out who to be yet.  On the domestic front, all of the issues are being addressed or getting better due to policies Bush already has in place.

Finally, Dennis Prager has some interesting insights into what makes the right and left interpret something as right and wrong.  To the left, he says, “rightness” is determined by law, whereas those on the right view “rightness” by some higher moral code.  Maybe this can being to shed some light as to why those on the other side of the aisle think the way they do.

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2 thoughts on “John Kerry and the Lack of Oxygen

  1. Watched part of the Senator’s speech yesterday. Rush is right, he actually made sense in this speech. But there was also this annoying camera man taking pictures right behind him on some of his key points! Man, talk about distracting…

    Used Prager’s story as a link on my post today too. Excellent article.

    I was more of an Infocom (Zork) and SSI (Dungeons and Dragons) computer geek myself. Are we showing our age yet? 🙂

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