May 28, 2022

News Smorgasbord

In Praise of the Efficiency of Blogging

Nothing has done more to show just how effective blogging is than this latest flap with CBS. The fact that people in the know can check up or voice facts instantly, and be self correcting, makes even the Drudge Report seem slow. In this case with CBS, John Fund chronicles how blogging lawyers and handwriting experts have exposed these memos as false.

As if Typeface wasn’t enough

Still on this issue, Byron York talks about the differences between memos from Killian released from the White House and the ones from CBS. Discrepencies between the way the man signed his name and the letterhead. This issue doesn’t appear to be going away, and methinks it would be best for CBS to get out in front of this quickly!

Kerry’s Record

We cannot say enough about Kerry’s record, seeing as he does not say much about himself. Joseph Farah goes through a list of them, though he spends considerable time talking about the fact that Kerry is both pro abortion for any reason and anti death penalty. An interesting moral problem– kill the innocent, and let the guilty live. I’d like to see Kerry explain himself there.

Gov Cuomo is out of touch

And finally, Dick Morris (though a person of poor morals) defends President Bush and the Patriot Act and clearly shows how these two things (along with the terrific NYPD) were able to thwart more terrorist attacks in NYC.

It’s amazing the number of things that are being done that go unreported or unreported– only to be found online. And they wonder why we like finding our news here rather than waiting to see it on TV.

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2 thoughts on “News Smorgasbord

  1. Much like the Swift Boat Vet’s issue was driven by bloggers, so does this new ‘forged’ document fiasco is also getting its day in the blogosphere.

    I just think in an age of instant information, you can’t get any quicker than millions of opinions and voices who have access to their own websites and journals. What’s worse for the mainstream media, you have people who are unafraid to call the ‘Old Media’ on their bias.

    The section ‘Kerry’s Record’ is interesting. I’d like to hear the Senator explain that as well…

  2. Good points. The internet and the proliferation of talk radio has the “mainstream media” running scared. I touch on that on my ramblings today. Dick Morris may be a guy with questionable morals, but he’s one smart cookie.

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