May 27, 2022

Stories and Current Events

Hope you have enjoyed the past two stories.  It’s been a crazy few days at MInTheGap’s place.  It’s one of those times that things in the real world must take away from time spent in the virtual.

Couple of headlines with some comments.  Some judge decided the Partial Birth Abortion ban is unconstitutional based on Supreme Court cases.  This is ridiculous.  Maybe we should, instead, try to pass some law that says that we can kill infants, and then run it through the courts just to get some decisions on our side that we can use?   I’m being facetious of course, but this is getting pretty ridiculous.  I think that part of these decisions should involve these judges walking into an abortion clinic and and watch one of these procedures.  Jill Stanek takes up this issue regularly, and after reading this article, how could anyone think this is good for the nurses, the doctors, and especially the mother and child!

It appears that the Swift Boat Vets are eroding Kerry’s support enough for him to become desperate.  Not only did he stage the show with Sen. Max Cleland, but now aides of his are being quoted as preparing to use personal info on the Vets to attack him.  Also, he’s now showing his weakness by challenging Bush to debates– a tactic for those behind, and make Bush look even more stable.

Did anyone notice how biased the reports about Bush’s comments about 527 ads were?  Most of the leading headlines proclaimed “Bush condemns Swift Boat Ad” only to mention somewhere (buried at times) that Bush actually said all ads.  Today, he’s campaigning with McCain and discussing how to reign all of them in.  Kind of funny that while it’s Bush for a year it’s ok, but once it’s Kerry– watch out!

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2 thoughts on “Stories and Current Events

  1. MIn, I’m a bit 527’d out, so I’ll comment on the recent abortion ruling. This is a set back, but I heard the judges comments as this procedure as being a ‘gruesome procedure’ seems he doesn’t fully endorse the procedure. (Perhaps a ray of light that opinion on abortion on demand could be turning?)

    As I understand it, the ban does allow for the health of the mother to be taken into account. C sections are allowable under the current wording and can save both the baby and the mother should there be any problems.

    I think we’ve got a long way to go in establishing a culture of life (as the President put it). Small steps at a time (beginning with voting in a President who will endorse that culture, and pressuring the Senate to stop their blocking of judical appointees).

    I don’t have the link for it here at home, so I may post again tomorrow to give it to you, but there was an article done on the legacy of abortion that is very interesting.

    Have a good evening and I hope all is now well outside of the blogosphere.


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