August 14, 2022

Keyes– Not all he’s cracked up to be.

When Alan Keyes was in the running for being chosen to run for Illinois, my first reaction was that I still smarted over how he treated Bob Jones University when he visited in the 2000 campaign.  I had actually heard the man speak in the 1996 election campaign.  He was at the University in one of their Academy buildings because there was no time to arrange for a bigger meeting area.  The place was packed, and though I can’t remember exactly what he said, it was conservative and most of the people that were there were enthusiastic and agreed with what he said.Forward 4 years later, he’s back to the same school and denouncing them from their main platform as being racist.  They took the open opportunity to bash the college while it was down, only to have some performing groups from the school later go to one of his rallies to help him!

Now he’s in Illinois.  He went back against his denunciation of Hillary Clinton in her run for NY.  I can see his argument, and could even argue in favor of him by saying that he could represent the people of Illinios effectively by definition if the majority of people a) agree with his positions and b) vote for him.

However, this latest stand about slavery reparations via a tax cut– that’s absurd. It’s not that I think slavery is right– that’s a no brainer.  It’s that I think everyone should be treated equally with no regards to their skin color!  Isn’t that what they’ve always said?  Why then do they want to impose a kind of slavery on non-blacks just because they’re ancestors were slaves?  You would have thought that they would have learned a lesson!  And don’t be fooled, by being tax exempt they would be imposing taxes just on non-blacks.

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2 thoughts on “Keyes– Not all he’s cracked up to be.

  1. I’m also disappointed to read that about Alan. I thought I’d enjoy the dialogue w/he & Obama, but haven’t even gotten myself to follow it.

    On your post on homosexuality…

    I definitely agree w/your post. People are responsible for choices and there doesn’t seem to be a cause for homosexuality from either a theological or naturalistic basis. Therefore, it comes down to choice.

  2. I’ve always been impressed with Alan Keyes for his intellect and for his willingness to give black people in America an alternative to the same old tripe the liberals use to “keep them on the plantation.” I can understand his agreeing to run in Illinois. It was not something he sought. The party went to him after at least 3 other potential candidates turned down the chance, and I think he just looked at as a way to do something for the party. I don’t think he will win and I do not believe that he thinks he will win. That makes it all the more confounding for him to pull a Kerry-like flip flop on the issue of reparations. Very very disappointing.

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