June 17, 2021

Homosexuality Front and Center

The attack is coming from multiple angles.  Are we ready for it?  What we do see is what’s happening with the multiple states passing Constitutional Amendments to ban same sex marriage.  One can only hope
that Massachusetts will do the same and return us to some sense of normalcy.  If not, one can easily see where this would be going.  It will result in not only marriages but training to make people believe these marriages are good!

If that isn’t enough, judges may soon be forced not to have anything to do with the Boy Scouts, since the Boy Scouts do not allow for gay scout leaders.  Forget about the Freedom of Association in this country.  Liberals have stated that no one is fair and just in deciding without injecting their belief– hence why they only want their nominees on courts and block anyone who disagrees– and now they are attempting to incorporate rules that go against the very foundation of our Government!?  Where is the outrage?

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4 thoughts on “Homosexuality Front and Center

  1. MIn, On the Same Sex Agenda, Worldmagblog had a good answer to the citizens finally making their voice heard when given a chance:

    “Gay marriage activists are wondering what went wrong in the campaign to allow homosexual marriage in Missouri. After all, opponents of the constitutional amendment to define marriage as being between a man and a woman, spent $450,000 to defeat it. Supporters spent only $19,000. The amendment passed with 71% of the vote. The turnout for a mid-term primary election like this one is usually between 15%-25%. In this election, 43% of voters went to the polls. The gay marriage activists are racking their brains about how they can do better as similar referendums come up in at least nine, and maybe eleven, states. Will spending more money or having better commercials or better political organization do the trick? Or do Americans have some bedrock convictions that they are not going to let themselves be talked out of?”

    I agree w/your comment about actively ‘choosing’ their (the left’s) judges to undermine the system through judicial tyranny. But I think once the people of God finally do rise up and make their voices heard, we can do great things. It almost seems like we wait till the very last second (procrastinators) to do much and react at the last second though…

  2. I don’t see what homosexuals have ever done to u so u would want people to ban rights any human being deserves to have. Do they meddle in YOUR bussiness? Have they tried to take away any of YOUR rights?
    I don’t think so.
    What I’m trying to say is: Don’t promote racism…

  3. Tigress-Markella,

    Please look at this from the Christian point of view. If there is a God and He’s revealed His will, as I believe, then He’s made it clear that same sex marriages are not His will for mankind.

    Next, if you do not believe in a God, then I can only surmise that you believe in a materialistic origin (evolutionary theory). Now, if this is so, the species cannot also cannot survive without a man/woman union.

    This leads me to conclude that it isn’t about appealing either to a God or naturalistic explanations, but on feelings. In either systems, the clear ‘design’ of humans are for a man and a woman. To what would one be left with to base their argument? On feelings? If so, I FEEL many things that would be wrong and do not act upon them, if we should allow same sex marriages upon feeling, why not also allow man, man, and woman marriages also upon the same criteria. Then why stop there?

    This is not about racism, but it appears neither the naturalistic explanation or the ‘religious’ one accepts the template you’re endorsing.

    I’m not speaking for MIn, but if you read what the God says in the Bible, He says he sent His Son to die so that ALL may live who believe in Christ as their Savior. It didn’t say anything about race (the Bible says we are all ONE race). So please don’t think this is about racism and if you’d like to put an argument forth different from the two I’ve asserted to explain your position, please do so.

    If you’re offended, please understand these views are coming from a Christian worldview which differ greatly from a secular one (and vice versa). The reply wasn’t intended to offend, but to answer what MIn posted on his site.

  4. I don’t know the basis for where you believe every person is guaranteed the right to “marry” anyone they choose. As far back as I know– marriage has always been a man and a woman. There is nothing stopping a gay person from getting married– but by definition, this is a union of a man and a woman.

    As for have they meddled in my business– I’m not currently involved in the Boy Scouts, but they have proceeded to eliminate sources of funds and meeting places from these people. Had you read the articles I linked to, you would see that they even desire to remove judges from serving with the Boy Scouts. So, I’ve been indirectly harmed.

    Lastly, this is not a question of race. As Frenzy said, there’s only one race, the human race. There are different people groups, and people of different skin color, but that is different. They are born that way. Homosexuals are that way by choice. They choose who they will relate to sexually, and many have chosen to leave the practice.

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