May 23, 2022

Iraqi Torture Photos

A lot has been made of what has happened inside prisons in Iraq.  As a country that stands for freedom and the idea that all men are created equal in God’s sight, the inhumane treatment of men, regardless of how they have treated us or what kind of information we want/need, is wrong.

Let us not forget, however, why prisons exist.  They exist as a deterrent to crime.  They exist as a punishment, an enactment of justice on the wrong doer.

I think that we may have forgotten this amongst today’s prisons, in which inmates can catch the latest cable, weight lift, get a college degree, and basically enjoy more possibilities than some on the outside.

In ancient times, prisons could be holes dug in the ground, where the person would be left, with a rock on top at times.

Let us remember what the crimes these men are guilty of– not as a means of justifying what was done to them– but remembering that these are not innocents.  They deserve proper treatment and not humiliation, but they also deserve punishment for their crime.

The wise will know the difference.

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