April 11, 2021

Taking God Seriously

Do you take God seriously?

When’s the last time you’ve said that you don’t know what God’s will for your life is? It’s amazing to think of how often I hear or think of this statement with the enormity of what can be found in God’s Word about that very thing.

With those things that He has told us, how are we doing at keeping His Word? Do we take sin and its effects on us seriously? Do we realize how God looks at sin, His desire to show His love to us, and that we can trust ourselves to Him completely?

Is Jesus Lord of your life, or just an adviser that you can choose to avoid?

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4 thoughts on “Taking God Seriously

  1. God is our Saviour, our Lord, Our Father, Our Cheerleader, and our main Love of our Lives. In Psalm 17 it tells us that We are the apple of God’s eyes. He also holds us under his wings. So whether we believe it or not God has a plan for us but we just don’t know what it is. God may take a trauma in our lives to show us that he has a plan. I know personally in my life i have had traumas that have hit hard, but instead of blaming God, I use it to glorify him. He Does not like sin, but he knows that our human nature will sin and will happen. But he knows that we can ask for forgiveness adn repent for what we have done. I know personally i wish i serrved God more, But i know he loves me and understands my personal struggles with that. He will guide me to surrender myself to him fully not partially. I know he understands us more then we understand him. I would love to say that Jesus is the Lord of my Life, but I know sometimes I fail and avoid him. But I know he is more then just an advisor he is my Savior. I would love to go to the end of the earth for God and his Glory. Psalm 17 is a Psalm I read adn reread so that I may live by it!! God Bless you adn all the people that you touch in your life. Sandy

  2. :getlost: God is a rediculous concept. Considering that only 1/3 of the world is Christian, does that mean that the majority of “his” “creations” go to hell?

  3. On the question of who will go to hell? Only those that choose to think they are smarter than He is, the ones that refuse to take Him seriously. What *we* choose to do has no bearing on who He is.

    He was gracious enough to create us with minds and wills to choose. Unbelief is the only sin that separates us from an eternity with Him.

  4. Lila, I’m not sure on your statistics about 1/3 of the world being Christian, but it would not surprise me at all. And yes, you are very correct in that those that deny Him, will go to hell. God created you with free volition…even the ability to think that ‘God is a ridiculous concept’. But your belief does not change who and what God is. He has already loved you enough to send His son to die for you. You can either accept or deny that gift.

    I take God VERY seriously. I can not imagine living my life in any other way. I can not imagine not having the hope of salvation and eternal life…knowing that He is taking care of me and watching over me. Anything else here on earth would be a frantic search for happiness and fulfillment…living each day with no assurance of my future. What a tragic way to live.

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