April 16, 2021

All Things Work Together for Good

All things work together for good is more than a polite saying or wishful thinking, it’s a fact you can take to the bank!

I was recently reminded of this when thinking upon finances. It is extremely easy in this day in age to get credit. It is even easier to spend yourself into a hole that will take a long time to get out. Just look at all the credit counselling services!

But how can good come out of debt? Surely God dislikes indebtedness. He bountifully provides for us, and even had rules on debt for His chosen people. However, He knows that if we had the money, we would be tempted to use it all on ourselves. Debts teach us discipline, as well as provide for greater income when paid off. Could it be that debt teaches us humility in the area of money, and good stewardship when we get out?

Something to chew on…

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One thought on “All Things Work Together for Good

  1. The Debt we personally may be in may be financial, or maybe in love, or maybe in sin. but whatever debt it is God knows our hearts, and he will use these debts adn the way we deal with them to humble us. He knows once we work our way through the debt, that it gives us more ability to use those extra funds and energy to serve him. God Bless Him and Us for allowing us to know he is the almighty and he will get us through any trial that is set in front of us!!

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